We train following the guides, principals and rules of the National Association of Search And Rescue. Many of our leaders have received training from NASAR.

And, on a regular basis once monthly, DEEMI conducts a ‘tinkering and training’ session where interested and available volunteers meet to perform a variety of tasks. In addition to enjoying camaraderie of our fellow volunteers, we take this opportunity to do things as a group such as – take inventory of the medical gear in our humvees, clean various equipment and check for proper operation and function, give short lectures or training sessions, train and test volunteers for advanced levels of certification, perform practice missions, and more.

As needed, our pilots continuously train for fixed-wing re-currency and type ratings in our aircraft.

UAV flight training with DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter.

sUAS and drone mission training with DJI FLIR XT thermal imaging camera and volunteer ‘lost’ person.

Remote off road training with multi-mission HMMWVs. Level I and Level II certification for operators.


Helicopter safety, crew chief, imagery and external load mission training.