Down East Emergency Medicine Institute has been operating aircraft in their search and rescue efforts since 1996.

DEEMI currently owns a Citabria with specifications for High Resolution Imaging Missions.  This remarkable aircraft has the ability to fly slow enough to allow no blurring of images and low enough to overlap images with telescoping cameras and filtering systems, to produce excellent still images – critical for subsequent analyses and mapping.  This bird has a high visibility paint job, uprated horsepower engine, and alloy spars providing aerobatic capabilities.


For  25 years, we had the pleasure of owning and operating this HUEY HELICOPTER – a true veteran, both of the Vietnam war when it was hit in the tail rotor on a medevac mission, repaired and converted to a rare UH-1V Medevac model, and when it went on to special forces detachments and flew over seventy casualties in Desert Storm back to Riyadd, Saudi Arabia. DEEMI obtained this rare bird in 1995 and maintains it  in top operational shape.  A soldier from Vietnam has placed his bronze star on board as well.  Click here for Rescue 11 service history. A truly historic aircraft. Our Huey was stationed at Cu Chi base in Vietnam in the late ’60s. The link below is to a YouTube video of 8-mm videos taken by Dennis Kline of operations at that base from March 1968 to May 1969. Click -here- for the video.

We are excited to share this historical summary of our Huey Helicopter’s service record from manufacture in November 1968 to when we owned it in 1997. See this historical summary HERE

DEEMI also once owned  another helicopter – Huey UH-1H #70-16369, which is now part of a  Huey museum in Peru, Indiana. It is maintained by American Huey 369 Inc. Their incredible webpage and that of the National American Huey History Museum can be seen HERE.  A brief history summary is HERE 

We had the pleasure of receiving a Grumman Cougar twin engine aircraft from Dugald “Doug” Kell Sr. of Ellsworth, Maine in 2015.



Few people know that DEEMI actually once had three additional aircraft since inception. We have previously owned a Cessna 172M, an RV9A homebuilt and a Beech Baron 58P twin.